Monthly Post

Despite all of my best intentions I am back to once a month posting. To be fair, we had a crazy and exciting 3 weeks, only to be brought down by the biggest tragedy we have ever faced. At this moment, we can't see ourselves going through anything worse, except the death of one of our two boys. So as we sort through this situation, some pictures from our weekend as we tried to "escape."

Saturday we went hiking at Fort Mountain, a nearby (40 minute drive) state park. Matt had brought the boys here a few weeks ago when I had to work the whole weekend and they loved it. Now it was my turn to go with them.

At an overlook on the way up

This is why Matt says he never wants to move to Atlanta (where he works), but wants to continue making the drive every day. Because he loves how close we are too all this hiking, the outdoors.

Matt is at his happiest in two places: Universal Studios and the woods. So it was so good (and way cheaper!) to see him hiking, and with his boys.

After watching the boys climb up this waterfall (Matt loves NOT taking the trail), I couldn't help but climb up after them. And it was more fun than sticking to the trail.

I love this picture. Noah the wanderer, with Daddy and Levi in the background.

Walking sticks

Then that night we got back and went to Boo at the Zoo. We are members at the Chattanooga Zoo so it was half off. We decided even then that it's not really worth the effort and hassle of having to fight the crowds... But it was so cute to see our boys dressed up. I still have to order Levi's costume (Noah's is from Rubie's Costumes on amazon), so he was actually just wearing dress up clothes from our bin. But they were both still adorable!

They just stared and laughed at each other for awhile

Then Noah realized he had a face mask on.

The only picture of the both of them, in face masks, looking directly at the camera.

Walking around getting candy at the different booths

Posing with "the real Batman" as we walked in the gates

Sweet Noah

So we had a good weekend, in the middle of the rough spots. God has been so merciful, and shown us so much grace, including sweet times with each other and these boys. We are so thankful for them, and the light they are to our lives.


Grace said...

How have I missed these posts? Didn't realize you were blogging again. Love the Halloween costumes!

Kat said...

I hope everything is ok with you guys? The boys look absolutely adorable and we just started hiking with the kids- something we used to LOVe to do