This week

Some pictures from our week:

Halle came for the day so of course they all had to squeeze themselves in the wagon...

Holding hands while walking. Sweet boys.

I posted this picture on Facebook and Instagram and was surprised at all the comments. Levi is TERRIBLE at falling asleep (it's 9:15 now, he went to bed at 7:30 and he's still in there talking and banging around). So a few nights ago I told him (after repeatedly getting up) that he could stay up with me and do chores, or he could go to bed. It started out "Levi, you can pick all the toys up in the living room and put them in this basket or you can go to bed." "No mom, I'm not going to bed ever." And he'd do what I asked. Within 30 minutes he had picked up everything off the living room floor, stacked up all the kid books in the shelf, washed Noah's bottles, unloaded the clean silverware out of the dishwasher and cleaned off over half of this wall, 3 spots at a time "Levi you can clean these three spots, or you can go to bed." After 10pm I just called it and sent him to bed anyways, I wanted to go to bed!

It's been a rough few weeks, and I was just starting to come out of my funk and am starting to find me again. I made homemade applesauce, then used it to make these muffins. Then Saturday night/Sunday morning I made these pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Today I put two chickens in the crock pot while I was at work then separated them this evening into  "dinner-portions" and put them all in the freezer along with two pot roasts for later cooking.

It seems dumb, but those kind of things, home-maker stuff, makes me feel like the "old Betty" who's hips were  narrower, didn't have stretch marks or permanent dark circles under my eyes. And I like that. But if you saw my kitchen right now you would be able to tell the new more tired, stressed out Betty is back and not messing with all those dishes.

Saturday we went to a concert with Bebo Norman, Andrew Peterson (who you all know that I love), and Sara Groves. It was a good concert, but I wish it was just AP. I'm trying to talk Matt into going on a Christmas overnight getaway to Nashville when he's doing a concert there, plus I really want to see Nashville. But for SOME reason Matt doesn't see that as a getaway... ;)

And here is my mini-Matt. (I had just finished rolling up and cutting the cinnamon rolls, hence the flour). This kid is his dad made over. Constantly running into things and hurting himself, he creates a path of chaos/mess like the Tazmanian Devil (and Matt), and he is hilarious.

Levi and Matt on the swinging bridge at Rock City yesterday. We skipped out on church for some much needed family time. This past week was a doozy between our work schedules and we needed some time just the four of us.

It was a great end to a busy week. Thankfully this week is much calmer, with me working a lot less. Plus, Halloween! Matt even took off that night so he will be here with us to see the boys both trick or treat for the first time!


Kat said...

the chore thing is GENIUS if you ask me :)

Also? I missed seeing you guys on the blog space :)

Grace said...

Love all the pictures and those cinnamon rolls were SO GOOD!